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Kessler Sales & Distribution Pipe & Tubing:  Copper Tubing; and Steel and Plastic Pipe, Strut and Rod

Kessler Sales & Distribution Pipe & Tubing products cover a wide range of domestic and imported items that make consolidation of purchasing easy for customers of any size.

Our product line includes:

In addition, we offer customers in the Northeast (only) a full line of residential and commercial Bradford White water heaters and Tigre PVC 40 and PVC DWV fittings. We also offer closeout special pricing on a wide selection of American Standard & Gerber fixtures and faucets.

World Class Products: Made in the USA or Imported

At Kessler Sales & Distribution, we never compromise on quality for either our domestic or globally sourced lines. Because of this, Kessler is a superior choice for all your tubing and pipe needs, whether USA-made or imported. Since we understand that customer service, ship time and fulfillment rates are the key drivers in your choice to find the most competitively priced products, Kessler strives to satisfy your needs daily, offering consistency and superiority in every product we sell.

Business Moves FAST Today and So Do We

Speed is imperative in today’s hard driving, highly competitive marketplace. Here at Kessler we pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable and experienced sales team that encompasses a 24-7-365 commitment to our valued customers. Quotes are turned around typically within 15-20 minutes – allowing our customers the opportunity to quickly respond to their contractor customers and close the sales. Orders are then typically shipped within 2-5 business days.

Speed also plays a role in metal pricing. Today metal moves up and down significantly faster than it did as little as 10 years ago with the technological advances in trading. With eight strategically located distribution centers around the country – Kessler can take on the metal risk responsibility by providing both a TL solution and a JIT solution for our customers. In a rising market – larger orders make sound financial sense – and as a mill direct vertically integrated solution we are well positioned to facilitate the half to full TL business. In declining markets – and in periods of uncertainty and/or periods of rising interest rates – leveraging our low FFA’s and quick order turnaround into a JIT solution may be the more fiscally sound approach. Either way – Kessler is at the ready to service all your needs.

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